Terri Friedman -  Hello Uncertainty

Terri Friedman - Hello Uncertainty

Guerrero Gallery exists as a unique presence within the larger Bay Area art community, a cavernous and awe-inspiring space nestled within an unsuspecting warehouse in San Francisco’s Bayview Neighborhood.  The entry via a rusted gate and winding garden path ends in the unfolding of a space that both envelops the viewer under it’s arched wooden roof and plays perfect host to the wide ranging works that grace its walls from month to month. The space has evolved as the brainchild of longtime San Franciscan Andres Guerrero–beginning as a wildly successful space in the Mission in 2010 that shuttered under the pressures of astronomical rents in 2013, was reborn as a roaming project space that utilized unexpected spaces and fresh young talent throughout the Bay Area, and has arisen once again in 2016 as a brick and mortar location within one of the last industrial neighborhoods in the city just south of Islais Creek.  

A glance through Guerrero Gallery’s varied programming reveals an approach in curation that is as equally focused on diversity and intersectionality as it is in providing a vital outlet and community space for a constantly beleaguered Bay Area arts community. The focus of the gallery ranges from intimate paintings to encompassing installations, both delighting in the pleasures of high craft as well as the challenges presented in more political idea-based works. From younger artists showing promise to older artists who never seemed to quite get their due, Guerrero Gallery seeks to uplift and amplify the voices of those around us, all the while introducing artists and integrating with galleries of like mind around the United States and the world, creating an ever evolving network of interconnection and support.

Guerrero Gallery is not reviewing unsolicited portfolios at this time.

Guerrero Gallery
1465 Custer Avenue
San Francisco, CA 94124
Entrance: Corner of Custer and Quint



Wed - Sat 12 - 6pm
And By Appointment

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